Price Transparency Compliance Made Easy

The new Price Transparency Rule is over 80 pages long, with major fines for noncompliance. 

Make sure you're ready with the efficient, cost-effective Price Transparency Platform designed specifically for rural, critical access and community hospitals.

First page of 45 CFR Subchapter E (CMS-1717-F2), the Price Transparency Rule

The CMS Price Transparency Rule By the Numbers:

  • 83 pages of regulations

    CMS-1717-F2, the new Price Transparency Rule, is 83 pages long and applies to all hospitals regardless of size.

  • $109,500 fine

    Failure to comply with the new rule can result in civil penalties from CMS of $300/day, or over $109k/year - and numerous additional penalties as well.

  • 1/1/2021 deadline

    Although the Price Transparency Rule was finalized in November of 2019, CMS gave hospitals until January 1, 2021 to comply.

CMS Price Transparency Compliance in Four Easy Steps

Many hospitals have spent months of work to develop
what ClearCare will help you accomplish in minutes.

  • 1

    Upload charges and remittance data

    Simply drag and drop your existing chargemaster into ClearCare's AI-enhanced import tool. In seconds, ClearCare will:

    • Recognize and validate your standard charges
    • Match to CMS-mandated Shoppable Services
    • Calculate cash payment discounts
    • Calculate min/max and per-payer rates
    • Automatically create machine-readable data files 
    Charge import
  • 2

    Confirm Shoppable Service Selection

    The ClearCare data engine will automatically include the 70 required services designated by CMS, provide the required "service not offered at this location" disclaimer for CMS-designated shoppable services that your hospital doesn't offer, and recommend an additional 230 services to reach the required 300.

    You'll confirm these choices or select your own with an intuitive on/off toggle switch for including any item in your Shoppables list.

    Shoppable selection
  • 3

    Get the code

    Once you've finalized your charge set, click a single button to get the code for your website's new, fully compliant Price Transparency component.

    You can embed the code directly in your own site, or simply link to a hosted version we'll provide on your behalf at no extra charge.

    Get the code
  • 4

    Rest Easy

    Once the ClearCare code is embedded on your current Price Transparency Page, or you've updated your Price Transparency link to point to the hosted version, you're all done.

    We'll keep an eye on the shifting regulatory environment, keep you posted of any important changes, and of course, make sure you stay compliant at all times.

    Beach Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

ClearCare is The World's Simplest Price Transparency Platform

The CMS Price Transparency rules may be complex, but compliance doesn't have to be hard.

  • Beautiful, Branded Pricing Portal

    Don't settle for a cookie-cutter "index" page or a user-hostile data dump. Delight your patients with a clear, easy-to-understand pricing portal that complies with regulations while guiding patients toward your billing specialists.

  • Chargemaster Import Tool

    Upload raw chargemaster and payer rate data in any format, and instantly convert it to a standards-compliant, machine-readable dataset. Seamlessly embed on your own website or let us host it for you on a dedicated portal.

  • Dynamic Medical Glossary

    Patients don't know what the cryptic terms in your chargemaster mean, and now they don't have to. The ClearCare platform automatically provides plain language descriptions for shoppable services, providing clarity for patients and unimpeachable compliance for you.

  • Rock-Solid Security

    End-to-end encryption via SSL comes standard. HIPAA-compliant data security protects your data both in transit and at rest, so you can rest easy.

  • Incredibly Easy Integration

    ClearCare's embeddable widget can be added to an existing website in just a few lines of code, or

  • The ClearCost Calculator

    Turn pricing data into a revenue opportunity, with a customizable calculator that helps your hospital stand out among others while nudging patients to a conversation with your billing specialists. (Coming Soon)

Simple, Transparent Pricing

After all...
Price Transparency should be priced transparently, right?

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  • Community Hospital

    For standalone hospitals
    • ✓
      AI-assisted import and validation of Standard Charges
    • ✓
      Automated creation of machine-readable file per §180.50
    • ✓
      Automated detection of required (Table 3) Shoppable Services per §180.60
    • ✓
      Smart Compliance progress meter shows your progress toward completion
    • ✓
      Fully compliant Shoppable Services widget
    • ✓
      Embed in your own website or use our hosted version
    • ✓
      World-class support from US-based experts
  • Regional System

    For up to 10 locations
    • ✓
      All the same benefits Community Hospitals get
      ... just available to more locations
    • ✓
      Consolidated billing available
  • Custom

    For larger systems
    Call Us
    Call Us
    • ✓
      Everything Regional Systems get, plus:
    • ✓
      Custom pricing tailored to your organization
    • ✓
      Customized SLA

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